The Justine Alexandra Jewelry Collections are comprised of hand selected precious and semi-precious stones found from all around the world. The designer’s keen eye and design sensibility is apparent in the beauty of each and every piece.Justine Alexandra Fine Jewelry, is a pave diamond and silver collection, which is edgy with a modern twist.  This collection is comprised primarily of pave diamonds, pyrite, black spinel, labradorite, and oxidized sterling.  JA by Justine Alexandra, is a 22k gold vermeil and semi-precious collection, which features an assortment of bright colors and gold, reflecting both a playful sophistication and timeless innovation. This collection is comprised primarily of 22 k gold vermeil and features an assortment of precious and semi-precious stones such as smoky topaz, sapphires, citrine, turquoise, aquamarine, labradorite, raw diamonds, amethyst, and pearls. Both collections are unique and artistic in the designer’s approach, transcending average trendy jewelry, by displaying a playful sophistication illuminated by stunning hand selected stones and styling.